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JULIUS ALBERT ELSASSER (1814 Berlin – 1859 Rome)

Imaginary Moonlit Landscape with Monk

Oil sketch in bistre. With styli of different thickness lines were then engraved, which appear white, 322 x 232 mm,
signed and dated at the bottom right: »JAElsasser« – (18-) 52«

Provenance: Private collection Berlin.

Elsasser was a pupil of Carl Blechen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. He went to Rome in 1839 and had an important patron in Queen Elisabeth of Prussia (1801 Munich – 1873 Dresden) who commissioned and acquired several oil sketches and drawings.

General literature on J.A.Elsasser:
Andreas Stolzenburg in Saur, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon, 33, München-Leipzig 2002, S. 379.

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